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Creater of Halloween Horror Delta

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finally have all the guest pictures added to the site. Apologies for the delay in posting I had to edit every picture in Photoshop. If I continue with the guest photo's next year I am switching back to my other lens. I defiantly had much less trouble with the pictures last year then I did this year.

same with last year if anyone would like the original picture or if they would like to have their picture removed please contact us through the contact form and we will do what we can to help.

Video is still being processed and hopefully will be posted next week. Unfortunately in the rush to open this year (we ran late setting up) I rushed taking the video so its a bit rocky. I am also missing footage of the second graveyard. :(


Cleanup is almost done I have a few things in the front yard that still need to be disassembled and put away but hopefully will have that done this weekend.


Happy Holidays everyone and have a Great Year.

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Press release was sent out today announcing all the new features of the display. Unfortunately this sending was plagued with problems. It started with issues installing the faxing software which is not compatible with windows 8.1. I was able to find one machine that was able to send however unfortunately 2 of my proof readers had missed a very embarrassing autocorrect on the first press release that was sent out. New press release was sent out with an apology for the error. unfortunately one of the recipients may have also been sent a copy of un-related renovation plans as the fax sent what was sitting on the flatbed scanner along with the print to fax I was sending. (20 cancel buttons later) the fax has finally been sent out... Not a good start to the Halloween season.


In good news building has begun for the out buildings for the haunt. The witches house and mausoleum are almost assembled. they should be finished by next weekend. once assembled I can start unpacking various props.

more updates to come :)

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Well it took me long enough but I finally have a new How-To posted for corpseing a Costco skeleton. How-To can be found at the URL below


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As I type this the pictures are being uploaded to the site. Unfortunately they did not turn out as well as I had hoped. This was the first time trying this and I have learned allot I think I should be much more prepared for next year. I had a blast taking the photo's and talking to everyone and I do home you enjoy this little keepsake.

I Have tried to fix up the bad pictures as much as possible using Photoshop. This includes increasing the brightness of the pictures and trying to reduce some of the fuzziness due to the low light. If your picture was fixed you will see an f at the end of the file name. anyone who has had their picture fixed can sent me a message via the contact us form and I will email you your original photo. Please include the file name in your message.

If you wish to have your photo removed from the site again please use the contact us form and I will remove at as soon as I can. Please include the file name in your message.

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26 days to go.... Happy Halloween everyone! These are the new rotting corpses for this year. They replace the old ones made a long time ago. They are made from tinted latex and cobwebs over Costco skeletons. How-To should be posted sometime in the next few weeks time permitting.


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Thank You to Dunbar Haunted house. We were able to purchase a huge selection of props and costume pieces from them. For those of you who do not know Dunbar haunted house was a huge Charity haunt in the Vancouver area. It is sad to see a well-established haunt close down but know that your props will be put to good use scaring kids in delta.

Most of the props will be used in the new dungeon photo-op area that is being constructed this year. I will be available to take photos of visitors in the stockade. The photos will then be made available to download from our site after Halloween. Photos will be free of charge but as usual we will have a representative from the delta fire fighters charitable society to take donations if you wish.

Again a HUGE Thank You to Dunbar Haunted house and especially to Brad the head haunter over there. We will make good use of the props. :)




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Thank You everyone for an amazing Halloween. Pictures will be up in a few days same as the count from the donations. this was the first year I had someone at the front counting visitors and we had approximately 875 people come through. I am absolutely thrilled.

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Happy Halloween Everyone! The Camera's are online now for you to watch the setup. Hope to see you tonight!

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I get this question every year "were do you store all this stuff?" Well storage is one of the most difficult things with running a display of this size. I have a spare room in the house that is used to store all the sensitive electronics and props. The witches house and mausoleum are stored in a shed in the backyard. Some of the other large props are stored at the side of the house. I also have an old treehouse in the backyard that has been converted for storage. The treehouse is used to store the gravestones and other props that can’t be easily damaged by fluctuating tempters. The one problem I have had with the treehouse is squirrels occasionally decide my props make excellent nests. 3 years ago I lost a few grave stones to squirrels and this year I lost a large tarp. Thankfully that’s all that was damaged this year.

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Its almost Halloween just a few more hours to go. Everything is prepped and ready to go. look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow :)

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Currently the Weather Network is showing a 60% chance of rain for Halloween. This means I need to plan for bad weather. I picked up some tarps today and will decide if I need to put them up by Monday. hopefully we will have a dry Halloween other then last year I have never had a problem with rain. but if it is raining the yard will be dry and will give the kids and parents a chance to get out of the rain for at least a little while before they head to the next house.

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Thank You Delta Optimist for the great article. looking forward to seeing everyone again this year. help us beat last years donations. I know we can do it!

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The big pumpkin is up. I installed and tested it last night. I set the timer to go off at 3PM so the kids going home from school can see it. It should actually be inflated right now.

Last night I finished the wiring for the mausoleum and the coffins have been assembled. We also had a photo-shoot with the delta optimist yesterday so keep an eye out for the article. We will link to it as soon as it is live.

Unfortunately it looks like it might be raining for Halloween again this year. One of the tarps I used last year was damaged by squirrels in storage but I have ordered replacements and will be picking them up on Friday I am hoping I won’t need them but if I do I will have them so the TOT's should have a little bit of time to dry off before the next house.

Over the weekend I finished putting up the mausoleum and other then the roof the witch’s house is finished. I had a little bit of trouble with them when I took them out of storage. The mausoleum had mold on some of the panels a little bit of bleach and scrubbing later and they were fine thankfully it was only on the back. The panels are painted with exterior paint which is supposed to be mold resistant and I also sprayed them with an anti-fungal spray before storage last year. Nearest I can figure is the parchment paper I used to prevent the panels from sticking to each other rotted. The panels I separated with wax paper had nothing on them. Definitely will not be using the parchment paper suggestion next year. Thankfully it was only the mausoleum that was affected this year. Mold was the reason I rebuilt the witches house last year.

Here are a few photos I took while I was assembling the mausoleum



Above are the left and right wall assembled


Above is the rear wall being assembled each of the wall sections are made from a 2' x 3' piece of plywood. On the plywood foam is shaped and glued in place. It is then grouted with a special mixture I came up with. I will be posting a how to for this at some point.

In case you are wondering all the foam used is leftovers I was donated years ago. They were originally destined for the dump but I was able to get them instead. Foam is a horrible thing to allow to go to the dump. Any leftovers from shaping the chunks is taken to a recycling place in Langley where it is ground up and made into new foam.


The witches house on Saturday. Some assembly required.

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Well it is now October which means that it is time for halloween's final preperations. The press release went out yesterday and is posted in the press section. Unfortunately over the summer I have suffered from severe arthritus in my knees so many of the things I put on the 'to do' list will need to wait until next year. But as they say the show must go on and there are a few projects that will be compleated. the main project was a replacement for the wormhole vortex. This will be replaced with a fireplace featureing an animated burning pumpkin. A number of other features are being prepaired for this year but I dont want to ruin the supprise.

Construction will begin this weekend with the count down pumpkin!

We also will be partnering with the Delta firefighters Cheratable society for the second year. Last year we were able to raise $172.

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I saw a video of some of the new props at the Halloween Transworld convention and one of them was a Rules sign that had driping blood. So I decided to make one myself :)

Next step is to build something to place the monitor in so I can use it on halloween

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Every year I come up with a list of projects to do for the next year. Some get done some get abandoned some get saved for the following year. Below is the current list of projects for 2013. Now this doesn’t mean you will see everything on this list in this year’s display but they are in the planning stage or are partly done.

• Redesign
• Skull Wall
• Dungeon
• Digital Guest Book
• Resident Evil Style Dog
• Fix Pneumatic well
• Bone Chair
• Bone Clock
• Fountain
• Mini Mausoleum
• Entrance Way (probably 2014)
• Increase Storage capacity
• Create How-To's

This is an early list and will be updated throughout the year.

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